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What is Transportation Engineering?

Transportation engineering is a broad field, including

  • measuring and forecasting of the future growth in traffic volumes and patterns of use
  • design and supervision of the construction of new roads
  • planning networks and facilities for walking and cycling
  • reconstruction and realignment of existing roads and intersections
  • modelling the movement of freight by different modes (road, rail, air, sea)
  • measuring and modelling the performance of the different materials used in roads
  • planning and operating public transport networks (bus, train, ferry)
  • modelling the future deterioration of roading networks due to traffic and environmental effects
  • assessing the effects on traffic and parking of new land-use developments
  • investigating accidents to help identify areas where roadways can be improved

Trains, cars, bikes, pedestrians all part of transport

Most work undertaken by Transportation Engineers is aimed at improving the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of the transportation system. Increasing emphasis is placed upon minimising adverse environmental (social and ecological) impacts of transportation.

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