Transport - Staff - Civil & Natural Resources Engineering Department - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Teaching Staff

The following academic staff members teach transportation engineering courses within the department:

Name Specialist Areas of Teaching/Research
Mehdi Keyvan Ekbatani
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Driving Behavior Modelling
  • Public Transport Operations
  • Traffic Flow Theory
  • Traffic Flow Modeling and Control
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Research Interests

  • Urban and Motorway Traffic Flow Modelling and Control
  • Big data
  • Optimization
  • Traffic safety
  • Traffic state estimation
  • Connected vehicles
  • Automated and co-operative driving
Dr Diana Kusumastuti

  • Applying survey methods (stated preference and revealed preference) and choice models to understand and predict people’s travel behaviour, such as transport mode choices.

  • Investigating incentives effective to alter people’s travel behaviour, focusing on the use of active transportation.

  • Eliciting travel-related decision-making processes and modelling their representations using Bayesian Decision Network and Decision Trees.

  • Urban transport planning and policies, including travel demand management measures.

Professor Alan Nicholson

  • Road accident analysis, reduction and prevention
  • Evaluation of transportation projects
  • Reliability of transportation networks
  • Probabilistic methods for transportation systems analysis
  • Traffic management schemes and traffic control measures
Associate Prof. Mofreh Saleh

(Programme Director)

  • Pavement design, evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Advanced dynamic material characterisation
  • Pavement modeling by finite elements method
  • Vehicle-Pavement interaction modeling
  • Laboratory testing of soils and bituminous materials

Previous transport staff

There is some teaching teamwork with the transportation engineering staff at the University of Auckland, assisting with teaching in each other's courses.

Canterbury University is fortunate to be able to invite many respected overseas academics to visit here, many courtesy of the Erskine Programme. In recent years, the transportation programme has included teaching by:

  • Prof Sue McNeil (Univ of Delaware) - Infrastructure asset maintenance and management, Disaster planning
  • Assoc. Prof Susan Tighe (Univ of Waterloo, Canada) - Pavement design and road asset maintenance and management
  • Professor Essam Radwan (Univ of Centrla Florida, Orlando) - Highway geometric design, driving simulation
  • Professor Bhagwant Persaud (Ryerson University, Toronto) - Road safety, Statistical methods, Highway design
  • Professor Michael Taylor (Univ of South Australia) - Traffic engineering, Intelligent Transport Systems, Simulation modeling
  • Assoc. Prof Shalom Hakkert (Technion Institute, Israel) - Accident analysis, road safety systems, Treatment of hazardous locations
  • Professor David Boyce (Univ of Illinois, Chicago) - Urban and regional transportation planning; Dynamic transportation system models for planning intelligent transportation systems
  • Professor Martin Snaith (Univ of Birmingham) - Pavement design and road asset maintenance and management
  • Professor Nick Garber (Univ of Virginia) - Traffic operations and highway safety, Speed management
  • Professor Michael Bell (Imperial College, London) - Transport network reliability, Intelligent Transport Systems

Other Past Visitors...

A number of local industry experts also assist with the teaching in the programme. We are grateful for their time and assistance.