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Postgraduate Qualification Options

Some of our graduates from 2006 with programme staffStudents can choose from a range of transport qualifications outlined below. It is also possible to transfer between them, subject to meeting the necessary University requirements.

Students are able to take:

Note: Consult the University Calendar for specific Regulations regarding the structure and requirements of each qualification. Part-time students should pay particular attention to the time limits for their chosen qualification.

Overview of Postgraduate Transport Qualifications
Diagram of postgraduate transport qualifications

Certificate of Proficiency (COP) papers

You may want to study a particular aspect of transport engineering without working towards a full qualification (e.g. for Continuing Professional Development puroposes). Candidates with suitable qualifications and/or work experience may enrol for an individual course and be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency on passing.

Candidates may also enrol in a COP paper to determine their interest in and suitability to completing a longer transport qualification. COP papers may normally be subsequently credited towards that qualification.

Students undertaking degrees at other universities (e.g. Auckland postgraduate transport programme) may also take COP papers at Canterbury and credit them back to their qualification (check first with your institution before enrolling in the COP paper).

Postgraduate Certificate in Transportation Engineering (PGCertEng)

This involves 0.5 EFTS (typically 4 x 0.125 courses) from the Transportation Engineering programme or other suitable alternatives. Full-time PGCertEng study takes at least 6 months. A part-time PGCertEng can be completed in 2-4 years; typically one paper is completed every (half-year) semester.

A relevant Bachelors degree (Engineering, Science, Planning, Geography, etc) is the normal requirement for entry. Candidates without a relevant Bachelor's degree will be considered for enrolment, subject to adequate qualifications and experience. Candidates for the MET programme may initially be enrolled into the PGCertEng programme with the option to upgrade to an MET, subject to good grades (typically a "B" grade average or better).

Master of Engineering Studies (MEngSt)

This involves 1.0 EFTS (typically 8 x 0.125 courses) at 400-level or above, with at least 0.625 EFTS from 600-level courses, and no more than 0.375 EFTS from other approved courses. Students may also be able to undertake a small (0.125 or 0.25 EFTS) research project as part of their studies. Full-time MEngSt study takes at least 1 year (2 teaching semesters). A part-time MEngSt can be completed in 2-5 years.

Candidates must normally have completed a Bachelor's degree in Engineering with at least 2nd Class Honours, or a BSc(Hons) degree in relevant subjects. MEngSt students with good initial grades can also apply to upgrade later to the MET programme.

Master of Engineering in Transportation (MET)

This normally involves 6 courses (0.75 EFTS) plus a 0.5 EFTS research project, or fewer papers and a (1.0 EFTS) research thesis. Full-time MET study takes at least one calendar year (longer with a thesis). A part-time MET can be completed in 2-4 years; typically one paper is completed every (half-year) semester, followed by a year for the research project.

The preferred entry requirement is a Bachelor's degree in Engineering with at least 2nd Class Honours. Candidates with relevant science degrees (e.g. geography, psychology) or other qualifications (e.g. planning) will also be considered.

Doctor of Philosophy in Transportation Engineering (PhD)

This involves an advanced research project in a specialised area; the results of which are presented in a thesis that is examined by international experts in the project area. There is a minimum period of enrolment of 2 years, but the degree typically takes at least 3 years (full-time) to complete (or up to 7 years if part-time).

Candidates must normally have completed either a relevant Bachelor's degree with good honours or a relevant Master's degree.

Further Information and Advice

For more advice about your programme options for enrolling at Canterbury, contact the Director of Transportation Eng.:

Mofreh Saleh
Tel: +64 3 364 2853, Fax: +64 3 364 2758

Application form for upgrading/transferring to a different qualification (201K PDF) - typically used to apply to upgrade from PGCertEng/MEngSt to MET