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Other Transport-Relevant Courses

The following courses are relevant to parts of transportation engineering and may be of interest to students taking MET / MEngSt / PGCertEng programmes. Other courses in these areas may also be suitable.


  • Consult the University Calendar for specific Regulations regarding allowable courses; course programmes should be discussed with the MET Programme Director before to completing enrolment.
  • It is up to the students to satisfy the course co-ordinators of any pre-requisites or required experience.
  • Most courses are taught throughout the semester and so may not be suitable for part-time or distance-based students.
  • The EFTS weightings of these courses may vary.




Civil/NatRes Eng ENCN470
Professional Engineering Development
Professional issues in Civil and Natural Resources Engineering. Society and environment, ethics, communication skills, historical developments, future engineering issues, and system thinking.
Civil/NatRes Eng ENCN401
Engineering in Developing Communities
Water supply and sanitation (solid and liquid waste management) issues in developing communities, agricultural issues and impacts of land-use changes, sustainable rural and city transportation, shelter and housing construction in rural communities, engineering in a cultural and sustainable context using appropriate technology.
Civil Eng ENCI601
Risk Management
Intro to Risk Concepts; Risk Assessment; Risk Evaluation and Management; Risk communication
Civil Eng
(Construct'n Mgmt)
Construction Management
Organisational roles, organisational influences, human resource systems and strategies, analysis of trends in construction management.
Civil Eng
(Construct'n Mgmt)
Construction Procurement and Contract Administration
Construction procurement processes, contract fundamentals and responsibilities, contract administration, integrated project delivery, analysis of trends in procurement and contract administration.
Civil Eng
(Construct'n Mgmt)
Project Management, Planning and Control Techniques
Project management techniques, managing project resources, controlling the project, analysis of trends in project management.
Civil Eng
(Construct'n Mgmt)
Strategic Management in Construction
Concepts of strategic planning and internal analysis, market-based view, corporate and international influences, analysis of trends in the construction industry.
Economics ECON655
Environmental Economics
Applying microeconomic theory and welfare economics to the management and stewardship of the environment
Forest Eng FORE423
Forest Transportation and Road Design
Options for transport of forest products. Soil engineering characteristics. Vehicle/road interaction. Legal regulations for heavy vehicles on NZ public roads. Forestry truck and trailer designs. Road design for forest roads, water crossings and drainage structures. Cost estimation and contract management for road construction.
Forestry FORE606
Forest Transport
Modes of forestry transportation around the world. Truck and rail transport of forestry produce. Pavement thickness design. Culverts and bridges in forestry. Vehicle specification and trucking costs. Calculations of maximum payload, axle weightings, gradeability. Inventory control, wood flow planning and control.


Sustainable Urban Development
Geographical issues related to urban planning for resource use and infrastructure development, including energy use, transport networks and housing development.
Geography GEOG404
Resource and Environmental Mgmt in New Zealand
Provides a deep and yet practical understanding of the processes involved in resource and environmental management in NZ, including principles of kaitiakitanga.
Geological Sciences ENGE411
Engineering Construction Practice

Nature and properties of construction materials for civil projects, general design principles and construction practices in rock and soil, selected case studies
Management Science MSCI602
Advanced Stochastic Models
The use of stochastic models in operations research modelling, multivariate statistics, time-series analysis and forecasting, advanced topics in queuing theory
Mathematics and Statistics STAT446
Generalised Linear Models
ANOVA regression, multi-variate techniques, general framework for GLMs
Psychology PSYC416
Cognitive Psychology
Content, theory and methods; classic work; application of cognitive psychology to topical community issues
Psychology PSYC601
Research Methods in Psychology
t-tests, chi square, regression/ correlation, factorial ANOVA, analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), multiple regression, logistic regression, general linear model