Transport - Facilities - Civil & Natural Resources Engineering Department - University of Canterbury - New Zealand


The Department has a comprehensive range of physical laboratory and field equipment for transport teaching and research, as well as a full suite of relevant software.

Transportation Laboratory Equipment

  • Bitumen viscosity, aging and penetration test equipment
  • British Pendulum Skid Resistance tester
  • Polished Stone Tester (accelerated weathering of sealing chips)
  • Gyratory and Marshall compaction of asphaltic concrete specimens
  • Indirect Tensile Modulus and creep testing of asphaltic concrete specimens
  • Vibratory compaction of unbound granular material specimens
  • Repeated Load Triaxial Testing of unbound granular specimens
  • Loadman Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer device
  • Real-time Traffic monitoring suite
  • MetroCount traffic counting and speed measuring equipment
  • Autoscope vehicle image processing camera
  • Handheld laser speed gun
  • TIRTL infrared traffic logger
  • Psion handheld data collection devices
  • Various other traffic measurement equipment (tubes, lasers, etc)Inside the transportation laboratory

Note: Some of this equipment is available for hire by consultants; contact the Lab Manager for further details.

Transportation Computer Software Available

  • PLUTO - analysis of transport policy options
  • TransCAD - GIS modelling of transport networks
  • SATURN - mesoscopic simulation and assignment of traffic in road networks
  • Paramics - microscopic simulation and visualisation of individual vehicles in road networksUndertaking traffic surveys
  • SIDRA - analysis of intersection performance (priority/roundabout/signalised)
  • CAS - NZ Transport Agency crash database analysis and reporting
  • TRARR - rural road traffic simulation
  • TRIPS, TRACKS, QRS - macroscopic transport network planning
  • IHSDM - safety modelling of highway geometric designs
  • EEM - NZ Transport Agency project economic evaluation
  • ABAQUS - finite element modelling of pavements
  • CIRCLY - elastic analysis of pavement layers
  • 12D - geometric road design and layout

Students in a computer labCAPTIF (Canterbury Accelerated Testing Indoor Facility)

A full scale indoor pavement testing facility, operated in partnership with New Zealand Transport Agency

Full-time students are also provided with a range of other facilities within the Department.