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Postgraduate Transportation Programme - How to Enrol

Note: This is a summary of key steps. Prospective students should also consult the enrolment requirements of the College of Engineering and the University of Canterbury.

Enrolment Procedure (see more details below)

Students with International Qualifications must first apply for ad eundem admission to the University

New students must complete a Programme Application Form and submit that to the College of Eng

All students must Apply to Enrol each Semester in their chosen courses through the University

Potential COP/PGCertEng/MEngSt/MET/PhD applicants can apply to join the programme at any time, although the preference for Masters students is to start at the beginning of the calendar year. 1st Semester courses begin in February and 2nd semester courses in July - new students should preferably allow at least two months before this to begin applying (International students should allow even more time).

University Entry Requirements

The preferred entry requirement is a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Masters/PhD candidates should ideally have at least 2nd Class Honours). Candidates with relevant science degrees (e.g. geography, psychology) or other relevant qualifications (e.g. planning, economics) will also be considered; relevant industry/work experience will also be taken into consideration.

Candidates without a relevant Bachelor's degree will also be considered for enrolment, subject to adequate qualifications and experience (e.g. NZCE and substantial transportation work experience).

Masters candidates without suitable qualifications/experience may be enrolled initially into the PGCertEng programme with the option to upgrade to an MET or MEngSt later, subject to "good" course grades (typically a "B" average or better is expected for entry to the MET programme).

Candidates without suitable transport qualifications/experience may be expected to enrol in relevant "bridging" courses initially, such as ENTR401 (Fundamentals of Transport Eng) or ENCI412 (Traffic Planning).

If you do not hold a degree from a New Zealand University (i.e. international or non-degree student), you will need to apply for ad eundem admission to the University. See the University's International Office for more details of how to apply.

Applications will be judged according to academic achievement, communication skills and work experience. If there are limitations on enrolments, preference will be given to those most likely to succeed as a practising Transportation Professional in New Zealand. Applicants with support from their employers may be given preference.

Candidates with suitable qualifications and/or work experience may enrol for an individual Certificate of Proficiency (COP) course. This is a useful option for new part-time students to the programme, without committing to any particular qualification.

Applying to the Transportation Programme

To enrol in the Postgraduate Transportation programme, you must complete and submit a written application to the College, in which you describe:

  • your qualifications and employment history
  • your intended programme of courses (all students) and research interests (MET only)
  • the goals you would like to achieve through this programme
Download Application form for PGCert or MEngSt (236K PDF)
Download Application form for ME or MET (237K PDF)

Students wishing to enrol in a Cert. of Proficiency (COP) paper should contact the College's Academic Manager directly.

A (verified) academic transcript showing your University (or other tertiary education) record will be required. Part-time students continuing to work will require a letter from their employer confirming their support. Note: COP students may be approved on the basis of work experience alone.

Once your application has been reviewed by the College and the Department, you will be informed whether you are eligible to be admitted to the programme.

Students already within the programme who wish to transfer to another qualification will require approval from the Dean of Engineering. Contact the MET Programme Director for advice with regards to this.

Download Application form for upgrading/transferring to a different qualification (201K PDF)

Note: If you graduate with an initial qualification (e.g. PGCertEng), you cannot credit the same courses to an additional qualification. Transfer before you graduate!

Enrolling in Specific Courses

Check details of courses offered - these change each year. Note carefully block course dates and ensure that you are able to attend Canterbury on these dates.

Following admittance to the Programme you can then formally apply to enrol in courses at Canterbury University - see the University's Enrolment information for more details.
Hint: For new students, the simplest way to do this is by phone; for existing students, applications can be made online.

All course enrolment applications are then sent to the Department for our approval. Once we have reviewed and accepted them, you will then receive an official Enrolment Offer and Invoice for your acceptance (or not). If we decline your application you will also be notified.

All fees must be paid by the first day of a course. Therefore out-of-town students may finalise their enrolment in person on arrival for a block course (as well as presenting original documentation and obtaining a student ID if necessary).

All enrolled UC students are required to pay a Student Services Levy (currently $635 per annum). Rebates are available for students who only enrol for one semester ($317.50 per semester), or remote students who live >50km away from Christchurch (only $210 per year). Contact the MET Programme Director for assistance with obtaining a rebate. At present, no rebate is available for part-time students based in Christchurch.

Note: For all students, late fees apply if you do not apply to enrol at least one week before the start of your course, or if you do not pay your fees by the start of the course.

Canterbury Transportation Programme Contacts

General enquiries and Programme applications: Postgraduate Administrator,
Tel: +64 3 364 2380, Fax: +64 3 364 2758

Academic enquiries: Director of Transportation Eng., Assoc. Prof. Alan Nicholson
Tel: +64 3 364 2233, Fax: +64 3 364 2758