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Courses in transportation engineering are offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels:

Undergraduate Courses...

Many of our undergraduate courses have material either entirely or partially related to transportation engineering. The list below covers those courses.

Final-year BE undergraduate students with good grades may also be able to apply to enrol in a postgraduate transport course.

Postgraduate Courses...

This page describes in more detail the postgraduate courses available, not only within the department but outside options as well.

Additionally it explains the degree options and course teaching modes.

  Guest lecturer teaching

Undergraduate Courses

The following undergraduate courses involve aspects of transportation engineering:

Undergraduate Courses

Transport Topics Covered

Engineering Materials
Granular pavement materials, asphalt
Transport and Surveying
Transport impacts, Road/user factors, Traffic flow theory, Intersection design, Geometric design, Road construction & Asset management, Land Surveying (measurement/set-out)
Design Studio 2
Land-use planning, Parking requirements, Road alignment & subdivision design, Intersection/access design
Project and Infrastructure Management
Network reliability, Economic appraisal
Traffic Engineering
Transportation planning, Traffic flow analysis, Intersection analysis, Road safety, Traffic management, Project evaluation, Environmental impacts
Pavement Engineering
Flexible/rigid pavement design, Pavement materials, Pavement management systems
Engineering in Developing Communities
Impacts of land-use changes, Sustainable rural and city transportation
3rd Pro Project
ENCN493 (All-year)
ENCI494 (Sem 1)
ENCI495 (Sem 2)

Research project on a transportation topic of interest


Fundamentals of Transport Engineering
This course is intended as a bridging course for non civil-engineering students entering the postgraduate programme. Canterbury Civil Eng students should take ENCN412 instead.

3rd Pro students may also be able to take other relevant outside electives.

Interested students should discuss their options with transport staff.