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Careers in Transportation

Traffic/transportation engineers and other transport professionals undertake a broad range of duties, all in some way related to transport. These can include:

  • designing new roads and other transport networks (e.g. rail, ports/airports)
  • providing for sustainable transport modes (e.g. walking, cycling, public transport)
  • investigating, auditing and fixing road safety problems
  • maintaining and improving existing transport networks
  • predicting future effects of land use and transport changes
  • planning and undertaking traffic/transport surveys
  • modelling the operation of traffic networks
  • planning and managing freight and public transport operations
  • undertaking research into transportation problems

Transportation practitioners are in great demand by consulting firms and government bodies in both New Zealand and around the world.

To find out more about some of the opportunities and challenges of being a roading/transport engineer, check out the KiwiCareers website.

Traffic SurveyingTransportation Employers in New Zealand

The list below is not exhaustive. See also our page of transportation links, which includes many national agencies. If you know of other employers feel free to let us know...

Main NZ Transportation Consultants & Researchers:

There are also many smaller transportation consulting firms and sole practitioners.

Major NZ Transportation Contractors & Suppliers:

Most local and regional councils also employ transportation staff.