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Which Programme Option is right for me?

The Postgraduate Transportation programme caters for a wide variety of students with many different backgrounds and circumstances.

Our programme provides a range of appropriate entry points and progression paths, depending on the interests and ability of the students. Prospective students need not be put off study because of their background or for fear of committing to too much initially.

Select the different options below for information about qualification and programme options:

See also details of the different postgraduate transportation qualification options.

Engineering Graduate (BE)

Graduates with a suitable 4-year engineering degree from NZ may enrol full-time or part-time in a transportation Master's (MET/MEngSt) or PGCertEng (at least 2nd-class Honours is normally required for a Masters). If you have a good honours degree or subsequent postgraduate qualification you are also welcome to apply to enrol in a PhD (doctorate). A range of scholarships are available to help financially support good students.

Non-degree Engineer

If you have a non-degree qualifications (e.g. NZCE, Dip.CivEng) and suitable industry experience you are welcome to apply to our programme. As well as taking one-off Certificate of Proficiency (COP) papers, you can apply to enrol in our PGCertEng programme. By achieving good grades in this programme (typically a "B" grade average or better), you can apply to "upgrade" to a Masters degree if you wish.


If you have another relevant degree qualification (e.g. planning, geography, psychology, economics, science) you are welcome to apply to our programme. You will generally be enrolled in our PGCertEng programme first, with suitable bridging courses in basic transportation topics and the option to "upgrade" to the MET degree later, subject to good grades (typically a "B" grade average or better). Some courses in other relevant University programmes may also be included in your qualification.

Working Practitioner

Full-time working practitioners are able to study part-time for any of the postgraduate transportation qualifications on offer (subject to their previous qualifications and experience); many employers financially support employees doing this. One paper per (half-year) semester is common; this typically entails attending two 3-day teaching blocks during the semester, with background reading and assignment work done outside of these blocks in your own time. Practitioners are also able to enrol in one-off papers for a Certificate of Proficiency (COP), to obtain Continuing Professional Development training or to initially gauge their ability and interest to complete a longer qualification.

Distance (non-Christchurch) student

Our "block-mode" course teaching allows people from all over New Zealand (and even Australia) to take part in the programme. Students typically attend two 3-day teaching blocks on campus; away from these, background reading, assignment work and the final exam can all be undertaken at their home base. Support is also provided for off-campus students via our library distance services and our "Learn" online teaching content system. Some relevant courses from other Universities may also be included in your qualification (subject to our approval).

Overseas student/graduate

If you have obtained suitable engineering or other relevant degrees from outside New Zealand (incl. NZ Residents with overseas qualifications) you may apply to our programme (you need to apply first to the University for ad eundem statum admission). Depending on your background, you may be enrolled in our PGCertEng programme first, with suitable bridging courses in NZ transportation topics and the option to "upgrade" to an MET/MEngSt degree later, subject to good grades (typically a "B" grade average or better). Note that full international course fees may apply. Some funding support may also be available, particularly for research (MET, PhD) students.

Students studying at other institutions

Students studying for qualifications at other institutions (e.g. Auckland's postgraduate transportation programme) may be permitted to credit some papers from our transportation programme. Such students should enrol in a Certificate of Proficiency (COP) for each Canterbury paper and then apply later to their institution to credit them.
Note: Check with your institution beforehand that the papers are acceptable to their requirements.

Further Information and Advice

For more advice about your programme options for enrolling at Canterbury, contact the Director of Transportation Eng.:

Prof. Alan Nicholson
Tel: +64 3 364 2233, Fax: +64 3 364 2758

Or contact the Academic Manager at the College of Eng.:
Fax: +64 3 364 2705

Application form for upgrading/transferring to a different qualification (201K PDF) - typically used to apply to upgrade from PGCertEng/MEngSt to MET

Application form for suspending/extending current study programme (167K PDF) - typically used when personal/employment circumstances require a temporary break from studies