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Postgraduate Courses

The following can all count towards either a Master of Engineering in Transportation (MET), a Master of Engineering Studies (MEngSt), or Postgraduate Certificate in Transportation Engineering (PGCertEng(Trpt)):

Full-time working practitioners may also apply to take UC Transportation Engineering postgraduate courses as one-off Certificate of Proficiency (COP) papers.

Most courses are taught in "block-mode" (typically two 3-day teaching blocks plus background reading and assignments), making it easier for full-time and non-local practitioners to take part - see block course dates below.


2017 UC Postgraduate Transport courses

Note: Other UC Course Information pages may not have the latest date/course details - refer to this webpage first.

Note: Contact the MET Programme Director or course co-ordinators (available from the Course Information page) for more details.


Course (and block dates)

Any time (Summer, Sem 1 or Sem 2)
Note: This is a self-study course - contact the Programme Director to discuss arrangements.

ENTR 401
Fundamentals of Transport Engineering
(pre-requisite course for students without civil-eng/transport background)

1st Semester Courses

ENTR 603
Advanced Pavement Design
ENTR 615
Transport Network Modelling
2nd Semester Courses

ENTR 613
Highway Geometric Design
ENTR 619
Special Topic: Quantitative Techniques for Transport Engineering and Planning

(Summer, All-Year, 1st/2nd Semester)


Note: Contact the MET Programme Director or one of the transport staff before enrolling in any of these options

We also have some advice available on research projects

ENTR 620 / 607 / 608 / 609 / 610
Independent Course of Study / Special Topic
For a customised course of study, one-off course or small project (0.125 EFTS)
ENTR 617
Traffic Engineering and Design
ENTR 680 / 690
MET Research Project / Thesis
(MET students only)