Timber Engineering - Civil Engineering Department- University of Canterbury - New Zealand

About Timber Engineering

Timber Engineering is one aspect of structural engineering. Wood is a uniquely renewable and sustainable building material. It is used world wide in many areas of building. Timber buildings can be six storeys or more, making it suitable not only for houses but for large buildings such as offices and hotels. Being lightweight in relation to its strength makes timber suitable for leisure centres, supermarkets, warehouses, etc. and bridges.

The following people are involved in teaching or researching timber engineering within the department:

Academic Staff

Industry Associates

  • Cameron Rodgers, CHH Wood Products
  • Steve Coll, MiTek
  • Andy van Houtte, Nelson Pine

Support Staff

  • Tobias Smith, Research Engineer

Academic Associates

  • Prof Pierre Quenneville, University of Auckland
  • Hugh Morris, University of Auckland
  • Prof Keith Crews, University of Technology, Sydney

Postgraduate Students

  • Nor Hayati Abd Ghafar (PhD)
  • Tobias Smith (PhD)
  • Francesco Sarti (PhD)
  • Daniel Moroder (PhD)
  • Chris Watson (PhD)
  • Tom Armstrong (ME)
  • Andrew Dumbar (ME)
  • Reuben Costello (MEFE)