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 Streams is a software tool designed to support the analysis of images obtained from experimental fluid flows. The system supports image processing and the determination of two dimensional concentration fields from images captured using laser induced fluorescence (LIF) and light attenuation (LA) techniques. It provides particle identification algorithms and implements a sophisticated particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) analysis capability. Eulerian concentration and velocity fields, as well as Lagrangrian velocity fields, can be computed.

The software is designed with a user interface that enables both relative novices and serious researchers to rapidly achieve their goals, and effective visualisation of the experimental data was a primary design goal. As it is written in the Java language it can run on Windows, Mac and Linux computer systems.

Streams has evolved from three predecessor applications, FluidStream, ImageStream and ParticleStream. These applications provided separate components of the overall system, and through the integration of these components into a single application considerable improvements in processing efficiency and data consistency has been achieved.

New versions of FluidStream (Version 8.01) and ImageStream (Version 7.01) have been created that enable some data files created with these applications to be converted into a format readable by Streams.  Please download the Conversion document below to find out how this is done.


While the software is not currently publicly available, if you are interested please contact Dr Roger Nokes.

Installation and Registration

Installation and registration instructions are available in the Installation document below. This contains instructions for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. If you do not have a registration key please contact Dr Roger Nokes (

Streams v2.05

Release Notes

Streams 2.05