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Robert Olin Davis (Retired)

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Emeritus Professor in Civil Engineering



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  • Response of soil sites to earthquake loading
  • Numerical methods in geomechanics
  • Constitutive modelling of soil and rock
  • Seismic liquefaction of sands
  • Analysis of pile foundations
  • Stability of creeping slopes
  • Behaviour of post-liquefaction flows

Experimental and theoretical research on liquefaction phenomena, particularly liquefaction risk analysis, and into residual strength behaviour of soft clays and long term stability of creeping slopes.

Theoretical research on:

  • behaviour of soils during shaking and response of non-homogeneous soil profiles
  • application of numerical techniques to solution of problems in wave propagation, consolidation, and pile driving dynamics
  • stress-strain-temperature behaviour of soil and rock
  • the stress field surrounding a driven pile and the stress-deformation response of axially loaded piles
  • strength of liquefied soil with application to debris flows

Professional Affiliations, Activities and Achievements (last 5 years):

Fellow IPENZ


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J.B. Berrill, S.A. Christensen, R O Davis, Dou Yiqiang, R.A. Vreugdenhil, The CPTU test and liquefaction: some New Zealand Results, Proc. IS TOKYO `95, , 1995: 917-22

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