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Current Students/Researchers - Hydrological and Ecological Engineering

PhD Candidates

  • Denjam Khadka (2011-2014), Modelling Climate Change Effects on Water Resources in a Mountain Basin
  • Dang Duc Thanh (2014-2017), The Effect of Water Infrastructure Development on Flow Regimes and Sediment Deposition in the Mekong River Floodplain
  • Bikesh Shrestha (2014-2017), Integrated Sediment Management for Catchments with Hydropower Dams: Opportunity, Costs and Uncertainty
  • Su Young Ko (2014-2017), Earthquake Effects on Urban Flooding and Multi-Hazard Risk to Engineered Lifelines

MSc Candidates

  • Eric Kilaka (2014-2015), The Effects of Windbreaks on the Effectiveness of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Previous Postgraduate Student Research Topics

PhD in Engineering

Master of Engineering

Previous Undergraduate Student Research Topics (2004-2012)

A list of previous undergraduate research projects undertaken since 2004 (PDF, 156 KB)