Fire Engineering - Research Areas - Civil Engineering - Universityof Canterbury

Recent areas of research

Fire statistics and risk

Recent work on fire statistics has focused on fires in parking buildings and tunnel design fires. The New Zealand Fire Service maintains statistics on fires and this data is useful for our research.

Key publications

  • Cheong, M.K., Spearpoint, M.J. and Fleischmann, C.M. (2008) Using the peak heat release rate to determine the fire risk level of road tunnels. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability, 222, 4, 595-604.
  • Li Y., Spearpoint M.J. (2007) Analysis of vehicle fire statistics in New Zealand parking buildings. Fire Technology, 43, 2, 93-106.

Building information modelling

Ongoing research is looking at integrating building information models with fire simulation software. Work initially focused on the IFC building model and linking it with zone models such as BRANZFIRE. More recent work has developed the tool to link with FDS and the use of XML to creata fire information databases.

Key publications

Fire Service

Research has looked at the interaction between the New Zealand Fire Service and the Building Code. More recent work has to be carried out on updating the Fire Brigade Intervention Model (FBIM) to include New Zealand specific data.