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Careers - Fire Engineering

A fire protection engineer fulfils a broad range of duties, all in some way related to fire. This can range from designing fire protection for an industrial complex, to protecting national treasures, to ensuring the occupants of a high-rise building are safe from fire. Fire protection engineers have always been in great demand by corporations, educational institutions, consulting firms, and government bodies around the world.

Career Guide (128 kB, PDF) - published by the SFPE, USA (weblinks within the document were current as of April 2002).

To find out more about opportunities and challenges of being a recent fire engineering graduate please read the paper (183K, PDF) or view the presentation (660K, PPT) given at the International Conference on Building Fire Safety, QUT, Brisbane Australia. Two University of Canterbury Fire Engineering graduates, who are now working as consulting engineers, co-authored the paper.

Fire protection employers in the Australasia region - the list below is not exhaustive. If you know of other employers feel free to let us know...